Once upon a week

If you make love once a week,

You’re still in love,

They say.

I am confused.

Modernity has made

A breath, over the ear

That reaches down

Into the reddest corpuscle,

Into a statistic.

How many words

Indicate love then?

How intense should be

A look?

How long should be

A kiss?

How many pages are

Too many,

Too little,

For a book?

Should the book be read

Fast or slow?

If you cannot read me,

Then who would know?

It takes time

It all takes time.

The sun is brighter,

The snow caps lighter.

Statistics abound.

The world is ending.

The sun was too hot

For humanity.

The sun will win.

But their stats

Can not predict the when.

I know the breath.

I know the book.

I know the sun.

I know the look.

In relation to me.

Give me the stat

And I will accept it and

Place it to read

Years later.

If the sun hasn’t won until then,

I’ll validate the importance

Of a week.

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