You Came Into My Life

You came into my life,
When I had recovered from love.
I got to know my life again.

I had picked up my trampled heart
And kept it locked away
Within toughened sinew
You came into my life.

When I first saw you
I marvelled on your smile.
But you walked over mine with hob-nail boots
And looked over my hand of friendship.

Destiny proved stronger.
Though my smile was not for you –
My heart had a mind of its own.
(Its spirit survived.)

so I walked into your life.
Took no great notice of your past.
Took you into my heart.
Took you into my home.
Took you to be my partner, lover and love.

Destiny had its say again,
Our hearts were pushed and torn,
Mine tried its best to cling onto yours,
Yours did the same.
Hope survives.
Love carries on.
Life lives upto its name.

You walked into my life.
Your name is now linked to mine.
I try my best to keep my faith in love
And leave the rest to you, your heart and time.

To D—-

I rested my cares on your heart oft times,
When I was young and when I was old.
I try to remember you in my rhymes:
Your face and the warmth in your arms’ hold.
You were my Lady of Mercy, my strength;
You were my red when I was in blue;
My story-listener – for any length;
You were my love – by just being you!

I thought childhood died as you passed away,
For each innocent mem’ry is linked to you;
But mem’ry retains, despite time’s dark sway,
Innocent past can’t die by lessons new!

I remember your face, the past is here,
And though you are out of reach, you are near.

The Wind and the Rain.

The rain outside tinkles, tinkles,
On wet, sweet-smelling ground:
Each drop laughing as it falls,
Dispelling happiness all around.

The wind billows my curtains high
And caresses my face;
Says a soft and dewy “hi”,
Then moves back to put the curtains in place.

The night rests on its darkened hours –
It listens to the rain;
The moon and stars are hidden;
But they, too, listen and do not complain.

Everything else is quiet.
No other breath of sound . . .
Just the gay laugh of the rain
And the mischievous wind blowing around.