where has the world swung

vanished quietly

into the cold outside

and inside


voices speak to yesterday

and wonder why

feelings hear tomorrow

yet refuse to die


the world seems to appear

a gaping wound

surrounded by gore

of all the years


a large yo yo


from a white beard

unwashed and tangled


another world swings in

on gollum’s hair

reeking of fish

and heat



it hits the wound

and rebounds

was that world real

or is this one?




21st sept, ’11


The spurting of seed

Onto the palm of the hand

Resurrects the soul

I May

No face, darkly etched, from charcoal,
No word, that can form any prose,
No light, at the end of the tunnel,
No calm, to lend the mind repose.

Words there were, many years ago,
A promise to see the heart through,
The sun shone bright on butterflies,
On anticipation of the new.

Sadness and grief are siblings now,
They have their own stories to share,
It’s charming in their company, too,
They make for a creative pair.

I fear listless indifference,
That’s maneuvering towards me,
Like some fog on a dead cold sea,
Sending a sail down to captivity.

Inspiration waits for those who seek her,
Like some whore on a barren door;
But what of those who chose to love,
And are loved by Neglect forever more?

The past too, spreads her milk-white thighs,
In that softness lies no morrow;
And what can future present
Wrapped tight in her bliss or sorrow?

As day turns to long, lonely night,
The eyes feel heavier than the night before,
I may slip into the dark of the past
Or let Neglect make life a bore;
I may move towards that fog-ridden sea,
Away from this pox-ridden whore.