Each Drop (Part Two)

I have lived, years without you now;
Water and wind, move fast, move past;
Everything is mutable here,
Abstract or concrete, nothing lasts.

The monsoon winds are strong
And I remember you wet in rain.
You left – them, long ago;
But here they are wetting everything again.

I’m lying in bed,
Thousands of minutes away,
And remaining here,
Think of the gods who cast me away.

I heard a song, that reminded me
Of the way you turned to look at me,
And I cried a bit – maybe more –
Remembering all we used to be.

Now, my darling, I’m not afraid.
There is no fear of living or dying;
Because it’s just a road, taking me
To the place, where you’ll be lying

In wait, with all the rest who went before
To become the value of this life –
Who will profess how well I lived
And vouch for each drop of love and strife.

That’s what it all comes down to:
This journey traversing me and you:
A meeting, a distance and a gate
And all that’s eventually true.

If not, I have, yet, nothing to fear:
There won’t be a calling back…
I’ll give voice to wind and heart to water,
And fade upon the stars dressed in black.

Familiar Ghosts

I can’t sleep.

Those I lost,

Those I will lose,

Come to me,

For company,

Or to confuse.

My eyes, swollen with sick

And love,

Cannot shut;

And I keep thinking,


Visions from the past

Haunt me,

Like drapes in the wind.

I smile to see

Familiar ghosts


In some dust;

And I must know

Insomnia and fear

Are ghosts, too.

Let the Tears Drop

I look for your hair stuck onto clothes I wore,
When you were still alive.
I find some on the mattress near the door
And my heart takes a dive
Into darkness of loss and sorrow,
And I realize you are gone,
There won’t be you in a tomorrow,
And I am caught and forlorn,
Pirouetting in life’s inanity
Of loving and losing and loving again.
Tomorrow is an endless sea,
Filled with murky waters of pain,
I’ll hold onto the shaft of memory,
Just to keep myself afloat.
It will sink eventually
I will get another boat.
Such is life, we move on;
But sometimes I stop;
Notice you are gone
And let the tears drop.