So many faces I have seen,
So many places I have been,
So many distances I have run,
Such moonshine, such sun,
So many feelings curbed low,
So much I let flow,
So many things I must say,
Now, it must all be in grey.
So many dreams came to pass:
Some were diamonds, some glass.
A few too many hearts betrayed,
But then, there were those that stayed.
So much of life flashed on by,
Yet I am not quite ready to die.
So much of pain and loss and grief,
With quite enough joy to bring relief.
So many faces, dead and gone,
And yet I am never alone.
So much love I have known,
I have lived,
I have learnt,
I have grown.

Each Drop (Part Two)

I have lived, years without you now;
Water and wind, move fast, move past;
Everything is mutable here,
Abstract or concrete, nothing lasts.

The monsoon winds are strong
And I remember you wet in rain.
You left – them, long ago;
But here they are wetting everything again.

I’m lying in bed,
Thousands of minutes away,
And remaining here,
Think of the gods who cast me away.

I heard a song, that reminded me
Of the way you turned to look at me,
And I cried a bit – maybe more –
Remembering all we used to be.

Now, my darling, I’m not afraid.
There is no fear of living or dying;
Because it’s just a road, taking me
To the place, where you’ll be lying

In wait, with all the rest who went before
To become the value of this life –
Who will profess how well I lived
And vouch for each drop of love and strife.

That’s what it all comes down to:
This journey traversing me and you:
A meeting, a distance and a gate
And all that’s eventually true.

If not, I have, yet, nothing to fear:
There won’t be a calling back…
I’ll give voice to wind and heart to water,
And fade upon the stars dressed in black.


The fruit has ripened.
But it hangs high on the tree.
It will ripen further and die,

The sun will hit it hard.
The moon will not help at all.
The best thing for it to do is

Birds may help it perhaps,
Maybe a strong breeze,
A god may help, if it says

Knowing providence though,
It’s more likely to hang and rot,
It’s one of those things that love just

It does look tasty and juicy,
But it’s so very, very high,
I might as well give up before I